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About Us.

aichi means cardamom in Hindi. Cardamom is used to spice both sweet and savory dishes and even the tiniest amount can add a rich aromatic flavor to the dish. Similarly, Elaichi is here to add a beautiful aroma, pleasant spice, and re-define how Indian cuisine is presented in the Burlington area. Elaichi is an endeavor to provide the true tastes of India by offering a comforting taste of home for some and a proper introduction to an entirely new cuisine for others. Come join us on this adventure in a backdrop of vibrant and trendsetting ambiance!

Our Story

Elaichi restaurant was born out of love and passion for all things Indian food for brothers-in-law Priyank Shah and Sikander Badhan. Shah’s passion for the field of hospitality and culinary arts coupled with Badhan’s interest in restaurant management and sharing his love for Indian cooking led the duo to Burlington, Vermont to introduce their fresh take on the cuisine and the restaurant culture.

Priyank has worked extensively in Indian restaurants in London and the duo has experience running the New York-area Indian catering business that catered for large events at Jain and Hindu temples for several years. The duo is excited to bring authentic Indian spices and ingredients from India’s culinary landscape to serve your palate. We invite you to enjoy this experience of an exhilarating Indian meal!

A Few Words About Us

Our vision is to bring the soul of India to you through our modern cooking techniques with the traditional dishes.

Our menu has been carefully crafted with cuisines from all of India’s culinary landscape to serve your palate. While Shah hails from the western state of Gujarat, Badhan is from the northern state of Punjab. Their love for foods from their region, the Bombay style street food, and love for the South-Indian Dosas is reflected in the menu.

 Serving the highest quality of food is our utmost priority. Come celebrate with us!

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